The Best Tablets for Writers

There’s no doubt about it — writing is hard. It takes a great deal of creative energy to bring simple words to life.

But what if there was a tool that made writing easier? A device that was easy to bring everywhere, and provided everything you needed for a simpler, more convenient workflow? Introducing the best tablets for writers.

While tablets may not be the first thought that comes to mind when you think about writing tools, they’re actually quite ideal. They’re small, lightweight, and packed with all the software you need to boost your productivity and performance. Snag a keyboard case, and take it with you on as you travel. Better yet, use a stand and writing stylus to make it a permanent part of your research and note-taking process!

There are countless tablets on the market, but only a handful truly excel in the writing department. Join me as we uncover the top options around.

Comparison Table

In a hurry? Here are the top three best tablets for writers.

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What to Look for in the Best Tablets for Writers

Before we check out the best writing tablets, let’s go over some essential considerations to keep in mind as you browse.

1. Ergonomics

When I mention ergonomics, I’m talking about things like screen size, weight, and how it feels in your hands — basically, how it impacts your senses and workflow.

Anything under 10″ is a no-go for serious writing, reading, and research, unless you’ve got hawk-like eyes. If you travel with your tablet, or often hold it in your hands while multitasking, a lighter option under 2 pounds is a smart choice. 

2. Connectivity Options

One of the Best Tablets for Writers With Keyboard and Pens

Connectivity refers to specs like WiFi and BlueTooth, as well as keyboard and mouse compatibility. It also refers to ports, like USB and HDMI, as well as storage expansion opportunities from thumb drives to MicroSD cards.

Nearly all modern tablets have WiFi and BlueTooth built-in. Some tablets even offer cellular data plans, which is a huge boon for travelers.

Unless you plan to use your tablet exclusively for handwriting, then mouse and keyboard connectivity are essential. Trust me — typing on your screen feels fine for all of two minutes. Fortunately, most wireless keyboards and mice connect via BlueTooth nowadays.

As for storage, thumb drives and MicroSD card slots let your expand your tablet’s built-in storage quickly and easily. These can be helpful if your tablet comes with a small built-in drive. We’ll touch more on storage and memory in a moment.

3. OS and Apps

The best tablets for writers come in three distinct flavors: Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

All three operating systems offer their own advantages and disadvantages.

Windows 10 tablets offer the entire computing experience in tablet form. If you connect a keyboard and mouse, you’ve basically got your own little laptop. It also opens access to a wide array of apps and software, from MS Word to Scrivener and more.

The iOS operating system comes exclusively from Apple’s iPad series of tablets. Through the App Store, you gain access to Apple Pages and many popular writing apps, including MS Word.

Last is Android, an OS from Google. Found on many budget tablets, Android is comparable to iOS, but offers much more bang for your buck. The Google Play Storage boasts an array of powerful writing applications, 

The good news? While all three have their pros and cons, they’re all excellent choices for the serious writer. You can also take advantage of online writing apps to guarantee access to your favorite software from any device.

4. Storage and Memory

Storage for Writing Tablets

Documents don’t take up much space, it’s true. But if you plan on multitasking or adding images and other media to your writing, you may find yourself quickly running out of space. Not to mention, apps take up storage room, and you don’t want to limit your workflow by picking and choosing among critical applications.

My recommendation? Choose a writing tablet with at least 64GB of storage and 2MB of RAM. Or, look for storage expansion ports like USB or MicroSD slots, which can provide extra room if needed.

Lastly, don’t forget about cloud storage. All the best tablets for writers offer free online storage in the form of Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, or Amazon Drive.

Save your documents and media to these sources to conserve space on your device!

5. Battery Life

Tablets are about convenience and portability. But all of that slides away if the battery can’t keep up.

Seek out tablets that offer a minimum of six hours of battery life, on average. Exact times will depend on how resource-heavy your activities are (that quick swap over to Netflix will drain far more battery than cranking out words).

Also, batteries degrade over time. You can counteract these adverse effects by taking care of your device and choosing a reputable brand with excellent quality components.

Where should you start your search? With our list of the best tablets for writers, of course!

Best Tablets for Writers

Alright! Now that we’ve gone over the essentials, let’s jump into our list. We’ll start with our favorite option overall, the Microsoft Surface Pro.


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The best tablet for writers overall

Remember the Zune? How about the Windows Phone? Um… yeah. Microsoft has a long, sad history with hardware.

Then came along a brilliant engineer destined to turn it all around. She had an innovative idea about a two-in-one device: a tablet that functioned just like a laptop. And the Microsoft Surface Pro was born!

The Microsoft Surface Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best tablets for writers overall. It comes equipped with a 12.3″ screen and a design that adapts to your workflow, no matter the situation.

Place it in Laptop Mode and pair it with the Signature Type Cover (complete with mouse trackpad) to spin out those words in record time. Or, use it in Studio or Tablet Mode for quick browsing and note-taking. It’s an excellent adjudication to your writing setup, no matter how you choose to work.

Oh, and did I mention the specs? The mid-range model includes a 10th-generation Intel i5 processor, 128GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, and Windows 10 Home. It’s the complete package! And with a battery life that can last over ten hours, there’s no stopping you from cranking out those words.

Over ten hours of battery lifeOn the heavier side at 1.7 pounds
Comes with USB-A and USB-C portsVersatile form factor w/ Windows 10 feels right at home, and offers oodles of apps
Versatile form factor w/ Windows 10 feels right at home, and offers oodles of apps


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The best writing tablet for writers on a budget

On a tight budget? Choose the Dragon Touch K10 Tablet, an ultra-affordable model and one of the best tablets for writers around.

While it’s not the most powerful model on the market, it’s got everything you need for writing. This includes a brilliant 10.1″ screen with the latest version of Android, a lithium-ion battery with up to seven hours of battery life, and a respectable 2GB of RAM. While the storage is a bit small at just 16GB, the Dragon Touch offers expandable storage up to 128GB via a MicroSD slot and USB ports.

As for the writing experience? Simply head to the Google Play store to download writing apps like Google Docs or MS Word. Then, connect your wireless keyboard and mouse via the K10’s cutting-edge 5G WiFi and BlueTooth, and get down to business. Or, use the responsive IPS screen to tap out your words for research and note-taking.

Dragon Touch isn’t exactly a well-known brand, which can be concerning for consumers. But the company has consistently made great products for nearly a decade. And thanks to a recent partnership with Disney, you can rest assured that even the big dogs are taking notice of their quality.

Best writing tablet under $100Low 16GB of storage
MicroSD, USB, and HDMI portsComes from a lesser-known brand
Runs Android for stability and access to the Google Play Store


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The best Apple writing tablet

When you think of premium tech, a particular company probably comes to mind. There’s a good reason for that.

Apple consistently releases innovative and powerful products that blow away the competition. While this quality always comes at a high price, Apple’s technology and platforms are worth it if you can afford to shell out the money. The iPad Pro is no exception.

The iPad Pro is a multitasking powerhouse that’s regarded as one of the best tablets for writers, including bloggers, poets, novelists, and more. It’s a whopping 12.9″ in diameter, or roughly the same size as standard notebook laptops. Impressive.

Inside, you’ll find an A12Z Bionic Chip, which is plenty powerful for writing, media-making, and multitasking. As for connectivity? The cutting-edge chip pairs with the latest WiFi and Bluetooth cards, offering various ways to get online. Heck, the iPad even takes a cue from the iPhone, with optional cellular plans!

Take it with you on the go, and connect to your iCloud documents from wherever, whenever. With up to ten hours of battery life, the iPad Pro has you covered.

Unfortunately, there’s no expandable storage, and the only connector is a USB-C port. But with its 256GB solid-state drive and access to iCloud, that shouldn’t pose much of an issue.

Access to the Apple ecosystem, including PagesVery expensive
Fantastic writing support w/ multitasking capabilitiesThe only port is a USB-C connector
Powerful performance built atop Apple’s A12Z Bionic Chip


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The best Android writing tablet

There’s little question that Samsung creates some of the best Android products on the market. From their phones to their tablets, everything Samsung makes is user friendly and ready to support you in whichever fashion you choose.

It should be no surprise, then, that the Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the best tablets for writers. Built with versatility in mind, the octa-core CPU works alongside 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage to deliver business-class performance. Meanwhile, the 11″ OLED screen offers a generous and crystal-clear display for all your writing activities.

Speaking of which, writing is a cinch thanks to BlueTooth and WiFi functionality. Connect your keyboard, download your favorite app on Google Play, and write away. Or, use the S Pen (included with purchase) to bring your notes, brainstorms, and doodles to life.

The Galaxy Tab S7 performs more like a laptop than a tablet, and the cost is reflective of that. Factor in the lack of Windows 10, and I have a hard time referring it over, say, the Microsoft Surface.

Still, for Android enthusiasts, it doesn’t get better than this.

Expandable storage up to 1TB via MicroSDVery expensive for an Android tablet
Excellent multipurpose machine with a whopping 8GB of RAMBattery is supposed to last up to fifteen hours, but typically drains in about half the time
Stunning 11″ AMOLED display makes it easy to view your writing


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The best tablet for reading and writing

The Amazon Fire is the original reading and writing tablet, and the iconic device has been running strong for nearly a decade.

The all-new Fire HD 10 continues Amazon’s commitment to excellent craftsmanship with a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor built alongside 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (expandable up to a whopping 512GB via MicroSD). It features a stunning 10.1″ 1080p display and up to twelve hours of battery life — more than double comparable options.

Unfortunately, Amazon took a cue from Apple and only includes a single USB-C port. But thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and a built-in WiFi card, connecting with your wireless keyboard and mouse shouldn’t be an issue.

Download your favorite books on the Amazon Appstore and read them through the kindle app. Then when inspiration strikes, open up the App Store’s premier word processor, OfficeSuite, and jump into productivity mode. Or, if Google Docs is more your thing, open the Silk browser and begin typing away.

While MS Word is not available on the Fire HD 10, it’s still one of the best tablets for writers who don’t mind using other apps.

Extra-long battery lifeShows ads on home screen unless you pay extra
Stunning 1080p 10.1” displayLimited selection of apps from the Amazon Appstore
Ideal for reading thanks to Amazon’s Kindle integration


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The best tablet for handwriting

Enjoy handwriting, but want the convenience of modern hardware? The reMarkable is among the best tablets for writing on.

Simply slip the 10.3″ tablet out of your briefcase or purse, and grip the featherlight 12-ounce device from any angle. Open up the writing app, whip out the Marker, and get down to business! Write, brainstorm, doodle, and create to your heart’s content! The CANVAS display looks and feels just like paper, with no backlight or glare, offering an authentic experience that incorporates modern tech.

When you’re done, the reMarkable can save and store your work, blast it out to your friends and colleagues via email, and even convert your handwriting to text (yes, really). The battery lasts about fourteen days, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your work done before hooking it back up to the USB charger.

Unfortunately, the reMarkable is quite expensive. It also comes with a few quirks, like slow load-up times. But it is the first iteration in a new product lineup, so small nuances are to be expected. Overall, it’s a reliable option that’s quite fun to use!

Converts handwriting to textExorbitant price point
Small, lightweight, and convenientHandful of minor quirks and issues
CANVAS display looks and feels like paper


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The best multipurpose writing tablet

If you’re happy with a mid-range tablet that handles most tasks just fine (thank you very much), the Lenovo Tab M10+ is for you.

It boasts the same gorgeous look and feel as the higher-end tablets on our list, with a 10.3″ display and TDDI technology. By utilizing fewer, but not inferior, internal components, you get the same level of reliability as other top brands, with just a little less zing.

This tablet features 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but you can expand this up to 256GB via MicroSD. It also boasts the standard array of features you’ve come to expect from a modern tablet, including WiFi compatibility, BlueTooth functionality, and up to eight hours of battery life.

The Lenovo Tab M10+ also runs Android, meaning you gain access to Google Play and its vast range of apps and software. It’s one of the best tablets for writers, and well-equipped to support all your writing and browsing activities.

Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band WiFi connectivityOnly 4GB of RAM
8MP and Dolby speakers are ideal for online meetingsComes with some third-party bloatware
Display brightness and contrast are defined and vivid, great for writing and general web browsing