Crello Review: Powerful Design App or Canva Clone?

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s the saying, anyway. True or not, one thing is for sure — quality writing alone is not enough in today’s content-driven world. You’ve got to capture and hold your reader’s attention moment after moment, or they’ll bounce from your page in a matter of seconds. The problem with this … Read more

The Best 40% Keyboards of 2021

Best 40% Keyboards

The best 40% keyboards are something of an enigma. Coming in at roughly 40% the size of regular keyboards, these sleek and stylish peripherals are unlike anything you’ve seen before. At the same time, they feature a familiar QWERTY layout that’s fully capable of replacing your 104-key giant. Although the 40% keyboard craze is still … Read more

7 Best Chairs for Writers in 2021

Best Chairs for Writers

Writing takes a great deal of creative energy, and that’s part of what makes it so rewarding. What it shouldn’t take is a toll on your physical health. There’s no denying it — sitting for long stretches at a time is terrible for your body. Unfortunately, it’s practically unavoidable for tasks like writing, where you need to … Read more

Blogely Review: The Best All-in-One Writing Platform?

Blogely Review

Table of contents What Is Blogely? Blogely Review: A Look at the Entire Platform What’s on the Blogely Roadmap? Blogely Review: Price Points Blogely Review: Verdict This entire Blogely review was researched, written, and published using the Blogely platform. Enjoy! Back in the day, blogging was easy. You’d write about whatever was on your mind, … Read more

The Best Article Writing Software in 2021

Best Article Writing Software

Web articles are the lifeblood of the internet. They’re a tried-and-true, classic form of content, providing billions of users with timely information and entertainment every day. Articles are also an integral part of modern marketing. When combined with a sound marketing plan, websites can grow exponentially just by ranking articles in search engines like Google or … Read more