How To Blog Anonymously: Complete Beginner’s Guide

How To Blog Anonymously

Fame or anonymity? Either can be appealing to a writer launching a blog.  For some writers, an open lifestyle is a big part of their brand. Take travel writers, for example. Their posts often rely on personal anecdotes, complete with photos of the blogger as they embark on a series of worldly adventures.  But that … Continue reading

What Is PLR Content? A Beginner’s Guide To Private Label Rights

What Is PLR Content?

If you perform any type of digital marketing, you’ve probably encountered the phrase “PLR” or “PLR content” at some point in your career. But what is PLR content, exactly? The term PLR (short for private label rights) is a type of product licensing. The term is most often used to describe digital products like blog posts and articles. … Continue reading

How to Write Like Hemingway & Improve Readability

How To Write Like Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway wrote in short sentences and used simple vocabulary. His stories were captivating yet easy to read.  This unique writing style helped turn Hemingway into a cultural icon. His novels and short stories are considered classics, and he even won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Nobel Prize in Literature. Although Hemingway’s fame … Continue reading

Atomic Habits Book Review — The #1 Best Self-Help Title?

Atomic Habits Book Review

There are seven octillion atoms in the human body. For the non-astrophysicists out there, that’s a seven followed by 27 zeros.  These little pieces of matter are infinitesimal — utterly meaningless on their own. But combined, atoms can transform into living, breathing beings capable of just about anything they put their minds to. That’s the premise of Atomic … Continue reading