7 Best Tablets for Writers in 2021

The Best Tablets for Writers

There’s no doubt about it — writing is hard. It takes a great deal of creative energy to bring simple words to life. But what if there was a tool that made writing easier? A device that was easy to bring everywhere, and provided everything you needed for a simpler, more convenient workflow? Introducing the … Read more

The Best Desktop Computers for Writers in 2021

The Best Desktop Computers for Writers

Once upon a time, the typical writer’s workflow consisted of a pen, some paper, and perhaps a bit of research material. There was nothing fancy or complicated about it — yet it got the job done just fine, thank you very much. Nowadays, you need a whole slew of high-tech tools to get your written … Read more

7 Best Pencils for Writers in 2021

The Best Pencils for Writers

Writers are notorious for scribbling down thoughts on every scrap of paper that flutters by. It’s not intentional — we just can’t help it. With such expansive imaginations, we need someplace to focus our creative energy. That’s why it’s essential to have one of the best pencils for writers on hand, so you’re always ready to go … Read more

Hemingway Editor Review: The #1 FREE Writing App?

Hemingway Editor Review

Contrary to what your teachers told you, simple writing is better at communicating your thoughts and ideas. Why? Because it’s easier to read and understand. Maintaining a casual tone is particularly important when writing for the web. If your reader has to whip out a dictionary to understand your work, you’ve not done your job. … Read more