How To Blog Anonymously: Complete Beginner’s Guide

How To Blog Anonymously

Fame or anonymity? Either can be appealing to a writer launching a blog.  For some writers, an open lifestyle is a big part of their brand. Take travel writers, for example. Their posts often rely on personal anecdotes, complete with photos of the blogger as they embark on a series of worldly adventures.  But that … Continue reading

How to Write Like Hemingway & Improve Readability

How To Write Like Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway wrote in short sentences and used simple vocabulary. His stories were captivating yet easy to read.  This unique writing style helped turn Hemingway into a cultural icon. His novels and short stories are considered classics, and he even won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Nobel Prize in Literature. Although Hemingway’s fame … Continue reading

The Best 40% Keyboards of 2022

Best 40% Keyboards

The best 40% keyboards are something of an enigma. Coming in at roughly 40% the size of regular keyboards, these sleek and stylish peripherals are unlike anything you’ve seen before. At the same time, they feature a familiar QWERTY layout that’s fully capable of replacing your 104-key giant. Although the 40% keyboard craze is still … Continue reading

7 Best Chairs for Writers in 2021

Best Chairs for Writers

Writing takes a great deal of creative energy, and that’s part of what makes it so rewarding. What it shouldn’t take is a toll on your physical health. There’s no denying it — sitting for long stretches at a time is terrible for your body. Unfortunately, it’s practically unavoidable for tasks like writing, where you need to … Continue reading