• Storytale WordPress Theme

    Storytale WordPress Theme

    This was a personal project I worked on while learning back-end WordPress development. Feel free to download and use for free!
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  • Fast Writing Tips

    How To Write Faster

    A guest post for the popular SEO software company, RankWatch. Includes strategies on writing quickly without sacrificing quality.
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  • How To Meditate at Work

    How To Meditate at Work

    One of several pieces written for this brand — a science-backed guide to meditating while at work.
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  • Google Reviews for Therapists

    Google Reviews for Therapists

    One of several pieces written for this brand — a guide to Google Reviews for mental health professionals.
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  • From the Future

    From the Future

    I worked with From the Future to develop several SEO campaigns that increased traffic and boosted the client’s bottom line.
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  • Kinesis

    Kinesis Corporation

    For this project, I collaborated with Kinesis to market the company’s new gaming product lineup.
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  • Best Minimalist Sofas

    Best Minimalist Sofas

    One of several pieces written for this brand — a review of the best minimalist sofas, prominently featuring the client’s line of products.
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  • Loom

    Loom, Inc.

    For this project, I worked with Loom’s marketing team to develop an SEO campaign that doubled traffic ahead of the company’s $1B acquisition.
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  • Sit Work Play

    Sit Work Play

    For this project, I managed the content rollout for a brand new site, achieving five-figure monthly organic traffic within six months of launch.
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  • Hims

    Hims, Inc.

    I reviewed Hims’s new hair strengthening products and created marketing copy for the brand.
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