Long-Term SEO Specialist for From The Future

  • Developed and edited a diverse range of content for various brands, including listicles, product reviews, guides, and whitepapers.
  • Utilized WordPress, RankMath, and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to publish, optimize, and format content effectively.
  • Achieved top Google rankings for dozens of articles, boosting monthly visitor numbers by the tens of thousands and significantly increasing client profits.

In my role as a freelance SEO specialist for From The Future, I was responsible for crafting and refining a broad spectrum of content, from engaging listicles to in-depth guides and more.

My approach combined expert research and writing skills with strategic content placement within WordPress, enhanced by the use of Advanced Custom Fields for optimal customization. This strategy not only elevated the content’s quality but also consistently secured top positions on Google’s front page, leading to a substantial increase in monthly visitors and directly contributing to the agency’s clients’ profitability.

My tenure at From The Future was marked by a relentless pursuit of SEO excellence and measurable impact.