Project Overview

Type: Contract
Timeline: Q4, 2018
Objective: Review the Hims brand and create marketing copy
Skills: Digital marketing, copywriting, content writing, e-commerce, product review, search engine optimization
Tools: Google Docs, Grammarly
Outcome: Increased customer interest and new subscriptions

In late 2018, I was approached by a Hims representative to assist with marketing the company’s new men’s hair loss product subscription service. This project required me to engage with several areas of the website and brand, reviewing the sales flow and documenting my experience throughout the process.

I also conducted a hands-on review of various Hims products, using them for several weeks to gain first-hand experience and assess their effectiveness. This in-depth review provided valuable insights into a typical buyer’s experience, which I used to create compelling and informative content for marketing the new service.

Through rigorous editing and keyword integration, I ensured that the copy was clear, consistent, and optimized for search engines. My contributions significantly enhanced Hims’ marketing and customer engagement strategies, effectively communicating the value proposition of their products and leading to increased customer interest and subscriptions.