Home of Cozy

Project Overview

Type: Contract
Timeline: 03/22 – 01/23
Objective: Research, write, and publish dozens of home- and furniture-related articles
Skills: Digital marketing, copywriting, content writing, keyword research, search engine optimization
Tools: Clearscope, Ubersuggest, Grammarly
Outcome: Increased website’s visibility and organic traffic

After completing a different SEO contract for this client, I was asked by one of the project’s managers if I’d like to take on a new job at Home of Cozy. Although my knowledge of this niche was limited, I quickly got up to speed by doing in-depth research and testing out different pieces of furniture at my local retail outlets.

From there, I received a list of seed keywords and objectives, and got to work.

Utilizing a suite of advanced SEO tools like Clearscope and Ubersuggest, I crafted dozens of quality articles imbued with targeted, relevant keywords.

This meticulous approach significantly increased the website’s visibility, drawing thousands of additional monthly visitors and solidifying Home of Cozy’s standing in the competitive online furniture space.