Project Overview

Type: Contract
Timeline: Q4, 2019
Objective: Review various Kinesis products and create marketing copy
Skills: Digital marketing, copywriting, content writing, e-commerce, product review, search engine optimization
Tools: Google Docs, Grammarly
Outcome: Dozens of new sales at an average $90 price point

In late 2019, I was approached by a Kinesis representative to assist with marketing the company’s new gaming product lineup. As a technology enthusiast with an affinity for flashy gadgets, I agreed to help.

After getting the contract squared away, the team at Kinesis shipped over all of the new products for in-person testing. I used the equipment for over two weeks straight, getting a feel for how each piece performed during work, casual web surfing, and gaming.

Then, I crafted a series of clear and engaging written pieces to highlight the impressive technical specifications and performance of the new products within these various settings.

The end result? Our marketing initiative was a massive success. The campaign attracted thousands of fresh eyes and contributed to dozens of sales with an average price point above $90.