SEO at Loom: Driving Growth and Acquisition

  • Implemented a focused SEO strategy using long-tail, low-difficulty keywords, enhancing Loom’s SERP rankings and web traffic.
  • Produced over a dozen niche-specific, high-quality articles, using tools like Grammarly and Frase for editing and optimizing search intent.
  • Contributed towards a doubling of Loom’s organic web traffic ahead of a significant $975 million acquisition.

I was approached and contracted by Loom, the renowned screen recording software company, to spearhead an SEO campaign that became instrumental in propelling the company’s digital growth.

To begin, I identified relevant long-tail keywords with low difficulty ratings. Then I began a monthslong process to produce and refine over a dozen specialized articles, leveraging Loom’s respectable domain authority to steer traffic to these new pages.

Working hand-in-hand with my SEO teammates at Loom, we helped more than double organic web traffic, playing a crucial role in increasing sales and securing the company’s impressive acquisition offer in 2023.