Retro Wizard

Project Overview

Type: Personal
Timeline: 06/19 – 11/21
Objective: Create a fun and informative hub for retro gamers
Skills: Digital marketing, copywriting, content writing, keyword research, search engine optimization
Tools: Frase, Ubersuggest, SendFox, Canva, GeneratePress for WordPress, Google Search Console, Google Analytics
Outcome: Created a playful retro gaming brand that peaked at 15K monthly visitors

My personal project, Retro Wizard, showcases my passion for retro video games and my skills in web design and search marketing.

This project was more than just a website; it was a journey into the heart of the retro gaming community. I successfully grew Retro Wizard to 15,000 monthly active visitors, creating a space for enthusiasts to explore exciting and collectible video games. The site’s growth was further bolstered by effective monetization strategies, including integration with eBay’s Partner Network and Ezoic ads, turning a personal passion into a profitable venture.

Although I no longer work on it, Retro Wizard will remain up and accessible for the foreseeable future.